9-Figure Producing Copywriter / Marketing Consultant

My name is Brian McLeod.

Brian McLeod Marketing

I was born, raised a family and built a business career in Miami, Florida.

A few years back, I escaped the rat race and now live happily and work quietly in a sleepy little beach town on Tampa Bay’s gulf coast called Tarpon Springs.

These days, I work mostly privately with smart, performance-oriented business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and digital marketers from around the world.

Here’s some quick background about the kind of work I do…

Strategic Marketing & Business Development

In the mid-nineties, I co-founded of one of the largest, most successful invention development firms in the U.S.

My partner and I hand-built and grew that company from a spare-bedroom start-up with little more than a Mac and a $700 laser printer into a life-changing 9-figure sales juggernaut that transformed the way an entire market did business.

Twelve hard-fought years, 200+ employees & salespeople, and well over $100,000,000 in sales revenue later, I walked away from the invention business altogether.

Direct-Response Copywriting & Creative Consulting

When the rubber hits the road, it’s the craft of selling and direct-response copywriting that have always been my passion.

My creative work has generated many millions of consumer leads.

My direct mail campaigns mailed across the world for over a decade.

My TV and radio advertising has been broadcast on every major network.

My publicity and PR campaigns have been featured in major publications across a vast span of markets and media.

New Product Development & Digital Publishing

My client and partner list includes many of the most trusted, highly-celebrated marketing experts in the world, including David Garfinkel, John Carlton, David Deutsch, Spike Humer, and many more.

I’m also proud to have helped introduce a new generation of super-talented, well-known and respected marketing minds into greater prominence through the hundreds of live and virtual events I’ve hosted over the years.

The top of the field of modern marketing experts like Kevin Rogers, Erik Stafford, Vin Montello, Dr. Ben Adkins, Colin Theriot, Don Wilson, Russ Ruffino and so many other equally exceptional people have come across my stage then gone on to become hugely successful “names” in their individual areas of specialty.

Live Marketing Events & Conferences

My private workshops, internet marketing seminars and live networking events are both infamous and legendary.

That’s why thousands of attendees have traveled from every corner of the globe to attend and participate.

The relationships and partnerships forged at my events have generated sone pretty mind-blowing fortunes, all things considered.

As a single example, the fast-growing, nine-figure affiliate network JVZoo was spawned at one of my seminars & live networking events.

It’s easy to get in touch… just shoot me a message from the Contact page.