Outcome-based thinking creates clarity of thought, vision, understanding, confidence.

The Bridge The Gap Method:

  1. Establish Current Reality (Point A) versus Desired Outcome (Point B)
  2. Identify the Milestones, Challenges and Opportunities in-between
  3. Formulate a specific plan for getting from Point A to Point B

Visualize, brainstorm, problem-solve:

  • You can do it by hand with pen and paper
  • You can do it with a Mindmap
  • You can do it in a text document
  • You can do it on your phone or tablet in a Note

Super-Simple Instructions:

  1. Draw horizontal line in the middle of a page
  2. Label Point A (Current Reality) on the far left
  3. Label Point B (Desired Outcome) on far right.
  4. Label each step required to get from A to B

Pro-Tip: Sometimes it’s easier to work backwards from B (what you want) to A (where you are).