What’s it going to be?

Do you want to make money online or make excuses about why you’re not already doing so?

You can’t do both, so you need to choose… and only once you’ve chosen will anything change for you.

“But McLeod, you don’t know my situation… things are different/harder for me because (insert reason why you’re special here)”

Sorry… you’re not special. You’re not entitled to a positive outcome.

It takes courage, sacrifice, suspension of disbelief and cynicism. It takes trust and integrity. It takes friendship and openness.

It takes HUMANITY to make the most of this machine we use to make money.

Everyone’s got their own personal brand of unfortunate circumstances to deal with.

For some it’s money. For others it’s family. Still others have health problems, relationship issues and any of the myriad maladies that have plagued humans since we started banging rocks together for fire.

As the song goes, “Everybody got their somethin’…”

Handle yours – or don’t. It’s always a choice. Even failing to decide is its own decision – just one that gets made FOR you, instead of BY you.

Whatever you do – accept this:

Your outcomes are direct reflection of your output.

You get out of this business exactly what you put into it.

There are no magic beans and there are no secrets.

You LEARN, you DO, you GET.

Making money online is SIMPLE, but it’s NOT EASY.

It takes determination to learn what you need to know and acquire what you need to have to be able to do what you want to do.

It takes responsibility to become self-sufficient for your own success or failure without shifting the blame onto some other external force when things aren’t working.

It takes consistency in your thinking and your actions – success is not a singular event that happens and transforms you, it’s a series of small victories that accumulate over time.

As predictably as the sun rises each morning, the same types of questions pop up from raw rookies looking to cash in online without any understanding of what they’re even trying to accomplish…

“What’s the fastest/easiest/guaranteed way to get to $100 a day?”

“Does (XYZ Magic Bean) still work for (Thing That Never Needed XYZ)?”

“Do I need a website?” or “Should I start building an email list?”

“Are there any costs to get started?”

“How much money can I make and how long will it take?”

And on and on and on… ad nauseam.

REALITY CHECK: If you’re asking these types of questions, you’re the internet marketing equivalent of a dead-man walking – you just don’t realize it yet. You don’t even know “what you don’t know” yet.

I’m not one to offer criticisms or point out flaws without offering a solution.

So, let’s shift gears to the “do something about it” part, shall we?


The single most important marketing question (from the perspective of the customer):

What’s In It For Me? (W.I.I.F.M.)

Over and over again, you read pleas for help and the obvious solution is staring them right in the face – the confused marketer is only concerned with themselves… “I need…”, “I want…”, “Why isn’t this working?”

If you’re failing or spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast, chances are you’ve been doing everything completely ass-backwards – so, little wonder why your results reflect that.

You WILL FAIL when your focus and marketing approach is all about getting what YOU want.

Marketing isn’t something you do TO people, it’s something you do FOR people…

  1. You identify an audience seeking a solution to a problem they have.
  2. You create value by figuring out the best way to help them solve their problem.
  3. You offer your superior solution to that audience.

Don’t make things harder than they need to be (or they really are…)

Here’s what millionaire marketers ask themselves about how they’re serving their market:

  • Who is my ideal prospect (and who is NOT?)
  • What keeps my customer awake at night, and how can I best help them solve that problem?
  • Is what I’m promoting the best solution for their problem, or just an opportunity for quick cash?
  • How can I create unique, new VALUE for my audience?
  • How can I amplify or multiply the effectiveness of what I promote?
  • How can I speed up the process or make things easier for my customer?

The Good News: People will gladly spend money with you when they trust you to deliver a result or outcome they want.

The Bad News: Those same people will run the other way when your transparent attempts to reach into their pocket are obvious and self-serving.

Serve your market by creating unique value and they’ll reward you with MONEY.

Simple as that…